Drama, Drama, Drama, and MORE Drama!

20 12 2009

     We, as teenagers, deal with a lot of drama. Pretty much everyday we encounter some sort of guy/girl drama. Nobody can argue this with me…I mean, maybe you could but you would probably lose :D. Whats the point of drama? To make relationships complicated? To find out if she likes you? To have something to gossip about? Usually it’s to find out if the person likes you so that you can ask her out. But why was the drama created? why not just go talk to her about instead of talking to all your friends about the situation? Or if you don’t want her to know that you like her, then why say anything to anybody anyway? When she finds out and you were not the person who told her, then this awkward its-said-but-not-said thing sets in. 

    I have seen drama ruin friendships over and over again with me and my friends…and it really is a bummer! It is SOOO possible to be friends with people of the opposite sex! And it is possible for those to be good, fun, healthy friendships! I love hanging out with my guy friends! Sometimes I like hanging with them then with my girl friends… But the ones I like hanging out with the most are the ones that I know respect our friendship. The guys who respect ME. The ones who wouldn’t ruin our friendship just because of a crush. If you and a girl are ment to be together and have a relationships that is more than a friendship, then God will put that into place. Before you take that step of more than friends with a girl. Make sure it is something that God would want. In highschool, friendships are way more important than having girlfriend. Don’t ruin those friendships!




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