Your Brain vs. My Brain

20 01 2010

You and I think very differently. I have heard it explained by Chad Eastham like this; Girls have a spaghetti brains and guys have waffle brains. You may be thinking ‘Okay, this girl is crazy. How does she think that makes sense?’ Well let me explain. Girls can multi-task very well, and some how everything seems to connect. You have probably heard a conversation between girls that is very sporadic. They may start out the conversation with hair, then somehow transition to what they had for dinner last night, and ends on the new kid in school. Everything they just talked about somehow did connect in their brains and reminded them of a story that has pretty much nothing to do with the first topic. Guys don’t really work like that. They tend to have a “pocket” for everything. Thats how a waffle describes a guy brain. They tend to think or talk about one thing at a time. There is a pocket for girls, sports, food, the computer, and anything else that a guys think about.

      I was eating lunch with my friends on Monday and there was only one guy at our table. All the girls were talking about different stuff and jumping from subject to subject like we usually do, and all of a sudden my guy friend  starts to imput into our conversation. All the girls look at him and say “We are talking about something totally different now.” All he could say was “woah, that was fast. I’m lost now.” It made all of us laugh pretty hard but it made me think about how different our brains really are. We are totally different. God created us uniquely different and that’s awesome! It makes it hard to understand each other, but that can be a good thing. When you get into a relationship with somebody it will help you work even harder toward getting to know that person. Even if it is frustrating at times ;)




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23 01 2010
Laura Hamilton

Well said.

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