Nice guys finish last? NO!

26 02 2010

Lately I have been hearing guys say some stuff that really makes me hurt for them. They have been saying things like; “The nice guys always finish last.” or “girls never give the good guys a second glance.” This is the farthest from the truth. Girls (the Christian girls striving toward Christ) would rather be around the nice guys. We don’t just notice the jocks, the funny guys, or the flirts, and we certainly don’t respect them. If a girl is just paying attention to these types of guys, then why are you interested in her?

Some guys seem to think that girls want a shallow flirty guy who has no boundaries. And some girls do want that. But what a girl sometimes wants, isn’t always whats best for them. An actual scientific study showed that the flirty girls who always have to have attention from guys and try to get that attention, don’t have good solid men in their lives. Maybe they don’t have a dad who loves them, or at least he doesn’t act like he does. Maybe they have been abused. So, for these girls they just want your attention because they don’t know where else to get it. And in order to get it they flirt with you. It’s your job to give girls what is best for them, not what they “ask” for. My brother said something very interesting while we were walking downtown somewhere. He said “These girls are just asking to be raped. Look at what they are wearing!” Isn’t that a thought provoking statement? When girls wear inappropriate clothing, we do anything but help you out. The thing is that girls know that how they dress has an impact on you. My point is, is that girls don’t make it easy for you to respect them. I get it. But it’s your job to do it anyway.  I also know that me saying it is a whole lot easier than you doing it!

For those of you who consider yourself a “nice guy”, keep it up! The world needs more of you! I think I can safely say that Christian girls get really tired of the cocky, perverted guys in the world! It is a breath of fresh air when a guy is genuinely nice and caring just because he can be, not because he wants to flirt with you! There is a lack of respect in our culture that is so intensely needed!

For those of you who think of yourselves as one of the “cocky and perverted guys” I challenge you not give girls what they “ask” for. Give them what is best for them, which in this point in our lives would be friendship and respect.  Help them know that they are worth more than they give themselves credit for and that they don’t need to flirt with guys in order to get attention. The kind of attention they are getting isn’t the kind that they want or need! They are lowering themselves and their standards, which are two things a girl should never feel like she has to do!




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