What you say does matter!

14 04 2010

Whether you know it or not, you have an influence on girls. Girls are affected by the things you say. I have heard guys tell girls that they are fat, or ugly or both! I just want to smack those guys upside the head! You don’t say something like that to a girl! Do you realize that, that is one of the reasons girls have eating disorders and self-image issues? That’s not all of it, but it’s definitely a part of it! Girls tend to feel like they need to look perfect all the time, you telling us we are fat…isn’t helping anything.

A lot of girls will act like it doesn’t matter, like it doesn’t bother them. But in all reality it does. Our society tells girls to be as thin as possible and as pretty as possible. This means that girls end up looking like toothpicks with a head and fake. When you bash what we look like it only affirms what the movies and magazines are telling us…that we aren’t beautiful the way we are. That is one of the biggest lies girls are told! We need our guy friends do be affirming us, not affirming what we look like. (although the occasional “you look nice” when you mean it is appreciated!)

There are girls out there who don’t have self-image issues, I don’t want to make it sound like ALL girls struggle with it, BUT every girl has been told the lie that there is somebody else out there who is more beautiful and that they will never measure up! We are told that perfection is the only way we will ever be worth something. The problem with that is, is that perfection is impossible. Make sure you are making your girl friends feel like they are worth something! One way of doing this, is simply acting like we matter by being a gentleman. Read the post below this one for some ideas on that one ;)




One response

16 04 2010

I think the same is true with guys as far as hearing words of affirmation. Words are powerful. They can uplift or hurt people. Using words to affirm the good things about a person is a choice and an act of love. When we choose to bless others with our words, we glorify God and in turn we too will find blessing.

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