Be a Man!

20 04 2010

Here’s my little disclaimer for this post: I’m sorry for being so blunt. Okay, I’m done disclaiming now.

By “be a man”, I don’t mean go out and bench 300 lbs. I mean be a man! Real men do something worth while with their lives! They don’t sit around, play video games, watch youtube, and surf facebook all the time! Think about any man you have ever truly respected. Have they been lazy? Or have they been hard working? Real men fight for what they believe in. They fight for what is right. You can’t fight for something while sitting on your butt watching Family Guy. Just saying….

Look at all the great men in history. Absolutely none of them just sat around.

“David was born in 1801 near the city of Knoxville, Tennessee, where his father was serving in the state militia. At 10 years old, David began a career at sea, serving as a naval cadet on the warship Essex. At eleven he saw his first battle. At age 12, David was given command of a ship that had been captured in battle and was dispatched with a crew to take the vessel and its men back to the United States. On the journey home, the captured British captain took issue at being ordered around by a 12 year old and announced that he was going below to get his pistols. David promptly sent him word that if he stepped foot on the deck with his pistols, he would be shot and thrown overboard. The captain decided to stay below”

This excerpt was taken from the book “Do Hard Things”  It is a story they told in order to show that you don’t have to be an adult to be a man! David’s full name was David Farragut, the U.S. Navy’s very first admiral and a hero during the Civil War. Real men in history worked hard for the change they made in the world! You don’t have to go and be the president or anything, but just simply DO something. “But oh, I’m still in highschool…” I don’t care! Just DO IT!   (I think I just quoted Nike) Go on a missions trip, volunteer. Find out what God want’s you to do, and do it. Then you might say “But I don’t know what that is yet.” That’s ok! But while you are watching and waiting on God, don’t just waste  your life.

I realize that in our society you’re not a man while in high school. People look at you like you are a stupid teenager, but do you realize that it used to be that a boy became a man at about age 9? While I was in Guatemala we saw little kids about 4 years old totally and completely in charge of the family’s animals. A 4 year old little kid! In the U.S, we would never dream of having a 4 year old in charge of anything let alone something that much bigger than it.

Girls don’t want a guy who doesn’t know how to work, and who doesn’t have the guts enough to stand up for what is right. Simply do something.

This summer, I challenge you not to just have fun, but to also do something while having fun! Maybe you could be a camp counselor, or volunteer once a week somewhere in your area. If you like building stuff, habitat for humanity would love your help! If you like sports, a kids day camp would be great for you! If you like music, think about teaching. Simply do something. It will shape your character and show people what a true man is!




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