Online and texting

28 04 2010

Our world has made it extremely easy to communicate with each other! Facebook, Myspace, texting, e-mail, IM, cell phones…The list is endless! But we have all had those conversations where things were said through technology that wouldn’t have been said face-to-face. I have had this happen a couple of times and it causes drama! People tend to kind of “ignore” it because it wasn’t face-to-face. It was in cyberspace, so it doesn’t feel real, but it was still said! If you wouldn’t say it to their face, don’t say it online/texting/whatever you use…

People tend to use these things a crutch. If you are shy, talking online can be wayyy easier than talking in person. NO! haha don’t do that! Never tell a girl you like her online, never ask her out online, and never break up with her online! These are big no no’s when it comes to relationships. I have a friend who had a guy tell her he liked her on MSN. Haha let’s just say, it didn’t turn out to well, and it pretty much ruined the little bit of friendship they had. It was awkward when they saw each other in person because it’s one of those “it’s said, but yet it’s not because it wasn’t in person..” things.

Just be careful. It’s fun to talk online with your friends, and to text them! Just don’t talk about EVERYTHING! We do need social, face-to-face, interaction with people! That’s when you need to have your deep conversations.




One response

17 07 2010
Garett Riegsecker

I agree with this! And it can be easy to get caught up in just talking through technology, but talking face-to-face is so much more worth it and can create a deeper relationship

Was this “friend” someone that i know??…. Cuz i can think of a couple guys that did that! Yeah telling girls you like them over technology is def. not a good idea!

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