9 05 2010

Not all girls like to shop. I am living proof of that! I would rather cut off my right arm than shop…

Not all girls are flirts

There are some days when we just don’t want to put on makeup and dress up…some girls do it anyway, but some don’t.

Girls like it when you talk to them and it’s totally innocent and no flirting is involved.

Not all girls like frilly pink stuff

A lot of girls like football

We like to eat

Some of us are beast at paintball!

We like you! (there’s a news flash…)

Not all girls care only about what guys think about them. You aren’t every girls main priority. Don’t take offense to that! haha you should be glad…

Some girls are just nice…they aren’t flirting.

We feel a lot of pressure to look perfect all the time.

A lot of times we don’t dress up for you, we dress up for other girls because they can be more  judgmental than you.

We aren’t all bad drivers thank you very much!

The reason girls go to the bathroom in groups, isn’t to pee. We go to the bathroom to talk. Sometimes, we talk about you…haha not always though, so don’t get paranoid!

Give me some common misconceptions that girls have of guys! Use the comment box thing =]




4 responses

9 05 2010

common misconception that girls have about guys : we all love football.
we all want sex, every time we talk to a girl.
We all love sports.
We’re always looking for a relationship with any pretty girl we meet.

anyone else, feel free to add, haha.

11 05 2010

found your blog at rebelution. good post. u actually speak about us dudes in the bathroom? i never new u gals went there 2 talk. i understand my female frieds alot better. i no wat there up 2 now.

12 05 2010

I’m so pumped you found me on the Rebelution! I’m glad you liked the post and that I could help you understand us more =) The bathroom is the only place we can go that you can’t! haha Explains so much huh? But don’t think about it TOO hard, it’s not always.

13 05 2010

This is awesome! Like book worthy stuff :)

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