Be You

18 05 2010

The title is pretty self-explanatory. Being you is a major key in any type of relationship! God created you! Not that person that you try to be all the time. Girls like guys that are comfortable in their own skin, the guys that don’t strive to be what other people want them to be! This is part of letting God define you, break you, and shape you. You won’t be comfortable with yourself until you let God take over. Take a look at this video…

This is such a cool visual of what God wants to do to us, but we have to be willing to let him do it. Until we give God the permission to make us..well, us, then we won’t have successful friendships or relationships. If we aren’t being ourselves then we are lying to people. When they think you love playing football, watching horror movies, or dating a certain type of girl but you really don’t, then nobody is benefiting from the relationship. It’s all based on lies.

Girls are attracted to guys who are themselves. The word attracted literally means “drawn to.” This doesn’t mean everybody you are attracted to or that is attracted to you is meant for you to date. I am ATTRACTED to my brothers and my girl friends because I want to spend time with them and they interest me. Attracted can mean they want to spend time with you, to get to know you. That kind of attracted builds amazing friendships!




2 responses

25 05 2010
Becky Menke

Hey it’s Heidi’s mom from Fairfield. I like your blog very much. You are spreading great love, accountability and just good information. Thanks for serving the Lord.

I was hoping you’d take a look at my blog. I started it awhile back, then stopped pretty quickly, just didn’t feel comfortable with it. However, I’m going to start up again and trust God that even though I don’t understand the internet and computers very well He will take care of what I don’t know.

Blessings to you and I look forward to your next post. Becky Menke

25 05 2010


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