3 types of friends (part 1)

25 05 2010

In my opinion there are 3 types of friends in the world. Those who pull you up, those who pull you along, and those who pull you down.  I think it’s safe to say that we have all had friends who pull us down, and it is really tough being friends with them. They just wear at you and they are draining. On top of that they are frustrating. Think about friendships this way, if I am on a chair and somebody (even somebody smaller than me) is pulling at me they can pull me down way easier than I can pull them up. It’s easier to pull people down because it doesn’t take as much work. I have had friends that pull me down and it drags on you. You become just like them, you insult others, you talk behind peoples backs, you become a friend who pulls down (which  makes you no friend at all). I can honestly say that you DO become who you spend your time with. I was always just kind of  like “it doesn’t affect me…” But it does! I became just like those friends because they were influencing me! I saw them everyday, just like you guys see your friend’s everyday and I became a very negative and judgmental.

When you are picking your friends chose wisely, you are picking your future. If you get in with the crowd who smokes pot, eventually you will probably start smoking, if you get in with the crowd who gossips ALL THE TIME you will start gossiping. You can apply that sentence with absolutely any type of friend “If you get in the crowd who_____ you will _____.” I also know that once you are in the friendship, the absolute HARDEST thing is to get out of it. Nobody wants to go to their friends and say “I can’t be your friend anymore because….” and then explain what the issue is, but honestly, it’s better to have no friends than the wrong friends.

Now, friends who pull you along. These are the friends that just drag you along with them. They don’t encourage you, they don’t help you, they are just there. They pull you through highschool with them just so that you both have a “friend” to lean on.

Finally, friends who pull you up! ahh, these friends are amazing! They encourage you, they support you, they forgive you, they give advice, and they are there to help you off your butt when you fall! These friends are sent from God. God knows how important friends are in our lives! The Bible says that “Two are better than one..” (Ecclesiastes 4:9). He knows we need friends.




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27 05 2010
Dominick Fleming

unaveragerelationships.wordpress.com’s done it once more. Superb post!

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