Summit *session 3* 2010

28 06 2010

Well guys, I got back from camp at about 1am on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Let me tell you, it was one of the best things I could have done with two weeks out of my summer! The stuff we learned will last a lifetime! We had speakers that taught on everything from abortion to Islam, to homosexuality to evolution.

If you don’t know anything about The Summit, I encourage you to check it out! It is a Christian academic camp that teaches you why you believe what you believe and how to defend your faith. They go through all 6 worldviews and the 10 topics within them. For example, they would take Islam and then go through the ethics, biology, history, philosophy, etc. of the Muslim worldview.

Now, I know this sounds kind of boring…I mean 2 weeks of sitting in a classroom with some guys talking? Ugh! But it was such good information that you couldn’t help but be interested in it! And it wasn’t all sitting in class! We had free time in the afternoons and we played sports, hung out, played paintball, went whitewater rafting, toured the olympic training center, walked around downtown, talked, hiked Pikes Peak, hiked a mountain behind the Summit called Red Mountain, laughed, talked, played foosball (sp?), played NINJA, talked, played random games like “guno”, and have I mentioned talked? haha

Besides the activities and the speakers, the people who attended were A-MAZING! About 170 students ranging in ages from 16 to about 25 had the same goal in mind; to know our Lord and Savior more intimately so as to understand the Christian worldview better so that we can go out into the world prepared for the questions and challenges of this world. I will never forget the friendships I made in Manitou Springs, Colorado. There was no shallowness to the people there. We had a spiritual goal, and nothing could hinder it while we were there, only improve it. The conversations that we had simply encouraged and strengthened us! The friends I made have impacted my life so much! So heres a shout out to Brandi, Abby, Aubrey, Emily, Chan, Steve, Matt, and Justin. Thanks for the encouragement and love that you showed me these past two weeks! Thanks for being such a great examples of what true men and women should look like! I love you guys!!




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