We are different? What? Nooo. Ok, yes.

19 07 2010

Let me tell you how different you and I are.

-When girls see an attractive guy with his shirt off, we say “Wow, he’s really cute and he’s got nice abs” but then we move on. We might talk about it later with our friends if the subject comes up, but other than that, that’s the end of the thought.

-We can express emotions way easier than you can. According to one survey, the average woman uses 20,000 words a day, while the average man uses about 7,000. Why? Because we tend to be more emotional and we know how to express those emotions. Even when kids are little, the girls start processing emotions and talking sooner than boys.

-Girls tend to be more touchy feely with other girls then guys are with other guys. Don’t let this freak you out! haha If a girl sits on another girls lap, gives hugs all the time, or is just touchy with a certain girl or group of girls, it’s just her way of saying “you’re my friend(s) and I love you.”

-When girls are mad at each other/ don’t like each other, they usually are really mean. They talk behind backs, but yet usually in public act like they are friends. We are caddy. This is where I like how guys handle situations! You just fight it out. Throw a punch and you’re done. You are best friends again. Girls? No. Not going to happen. Girls hold silent grudges against each other. Horrible isn’t it?

-Girls send little hints that you are “supposed to get.” Guys just say it straight up! Way to go!

-Girls have do everything in groups!  If a girl gets left behind and a group of girls leaves to do something, that means they don’t like her. Guys leave each other all the time! It cracks me up because in a group of girls you just don’t do that or somebody’s feelings get hurt!

These are just a few things out of many!  What are some things you can think of? I want to hear your thoughts!

Here is something that will never change and that is the same for both genders…

You confuse me. I confuse you. The end. ;)




4 responses

20 07 2010
Wesley M

-Some humor on the topic

20 07 2010

HAHAHAHA Oh man that’s hilarious! Definitely might have to post that one sometime soon!

20 07 2010
Garett Riegsecker

Good stuff! … I would say though, theres a lot more guys out there that would still hold a grudge, or talk behind each others back, just cuz one punch sometimes doesnt feel like enough! other wise i can agree with you

20 07 2010

I’m not saying they don’t, I’m just saying that usually guys handle it way differently than girls. Of course there are usually exceptions.

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