“She’s Hot”

30 07 2010

I really don’t like it when guys call girls hot. From a Christian girls perspective, it’s demeaning and disrespectful because I feel like the word hot portrays something more sexual than just thinking somebody is good looking. I heard a guy say it this way…

“When you call a girl hot, that means that you look at them and immediately have lustful thoughts and all you think about is the sexual and physical things.”

I was doing some searches on what people thought of the words sexy and hot and I found that usually people defined the word “hot” by saying it means sexy. The definition of sexy is “tending to arouse sexual desires or interests.” So by this definition, and what people are saying, when you call a girl hot you aren’t just saying she is physically attractive to you but more that she is sexually attractive to you and you view her as more of an item than a girl.

To be completely honest, my opinion of a guy is lowered when I hear him use the word hot to describe a girl. I know that if he truly respected girls he would use the words like beautiful, pretty, gorgeous, and so on.  When I think about my guy friends that I truly respect, I can’t think of one time when I have heard them use the word hot to describe a girl. I do not think it’s wrong to see a girl and notice her appearance. That can’t really be helped unless you walk around with your eyes closed :P But what you do with observation is up to you.

If you use the argument that girls encourage it, well, then it goes back to what I’ve said in previous posts about why girls dress and act the way we do. We like attention but it’s not the kind of attention we need so it’s your job to be the leader and not to give us bad attention even when we encourage it sometimes.

This is just what I feel the word means and what other people have said the word means. Maybe you as guys don’t see it this way. But that’s not what this blog is about is it? :) It’s about giving you the girls perspective.

Well, I’m leaving for a missions trip to Canada tomorrow morning! YAY! So if you could keep my team in your prayers we would all appreciate it! I am super excited!! :D





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