Canada Update

8 08 2010

My team and I made it home from Canada yesterday evening and man, it was a good trip! It was a little rough getting started though. We left last Saturday- the 31st- and our brakes on our van locked up. We were stranded in Barrie Ontario for two days, and let me tell you that town is in the middle of NOWHERE haha! We had nothing to do but bond with each other and bond is what we did! It was incredible! Our team walked away closer than ever before!

We were supposed to get to Britt Ontario on Saturday night but didn’t get there until Monday night and our day camp was planned to start Monday morning. Our plans were obviously not God’s plans so we started our day camp on Tuesday instead. So, the rest of the week was spent hanging out with some amazing people, doing day club, and building friendships! We didn’t understand (and still don’t fully) God’s plan and timing on the trip. We were questioning why he had us break down and why this happened and why that happened, but by trusting Him, we allowed ourselves to be filled with His Spirit. We all realized that if we hadn’t broken down, we might not be as close as we are,we might not have bonded like we did and there were also people we might not have met.

During the day club we sang songs, played games, did crafts, had a Bible story, snacks, and just chilled with the people. How much better can it get than that?! We focused on Peter all week and our team even did a Bible study on Peter in our personal/group devotions so as to better understand his life. The week was God focused. Nothing took our eyes off of our creator God. He was our goal! If you were praying for us, thank you! We needed them and we felt them all week long.

My awesome team!

Here’s our team! ^ Awesome aren’t we? :P




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