More on Modesty

12 08 2010

A lot of girls wouldn’t consider themselves immodest. While there a lot of girls who know that what they are wearing is showing off too much, there are also a lot of girls who don’t even realize it. You know what our thoughts are? We say to ourselves “Well I’m not as bad as her!” or when we are getting dressed maybe we will subconsciously say “I’ve seen worse…” therefore we call ourselves “modest” whether it’s the truth or not.

I have girl friends that will tell me “I don’t think I’m immodest..” and when you look at them, I say to myself  “Well it’s not THAT bad I’ve seen worse.” But then I realized that we shouldn’t be comparing. What is modest, is modest and after that line, it’s immodest.

Let me also explain to you the extreme amount of work it takes to be modest, ok? Hopefully you will appreciate the girls who strive to be modest after you read this part! haha. When we walk into a store to go shopping and we start looking around we see all of the cute clothes there are. But then we try it on and it’s too tight or too low. Then we think “Bummer! It’s really cute!…But it’s not that bad..” We have to work at not letting ourselves buy into that lie. So then we go out and try to find a shirt to go under it or a shirt that isn’t so tight. I can almost guarantee you that if a girl is trying to dress modestly it takes WAYYY more time to shop for clothes (and if they are like me, they hate that part!).

If at all possible, I would encourage you to thank a girl you know that works hard at being modest. It can get kind of discouraging at times because we don’t think it makes any difference at all. To know that somebody appreciates it and notices it, is really encouraging!

Okay, I’ll stop talking about modesty now :P I think this is post number 3 on it! haha new topic next week!





5 responses

12 08 2010

Hey Girl, another good post. Thanks for being Modest!

13 08 2010

You’re welcome :) Thanks for that Bubba!

12 08 2010

You should just become AMISH.

13 08 2010

Nah, I’m good. There’s no need for that :)

15 08 2010

I love when girls read my blog! They help give insight just like this! :) Thanks for your thoughts Becca!

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