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22 09 2010

I have grown up in a Christian home and what I’ve been told all my life, by pastors, youth leaders, speakers, books, etc.  is that I’m beautiful in God’s eyes; I have worth and there are solid Christian guys out there and I have to wait for the right one. Even though all of these things are true, it’s sometimes hard to believe. Christian girls lose hope in you. We don’t see the good guys.  We tend to see the “girl crazy” guys, and the ones who make perverse jokes. Our standards go down because we don’t think there are guys who live up to those standards, so we give up.

When I was about 15 I was quite dramatic on this subject and had almost come to the conclusion that I was never going to get married. To me, there weren’t any guys who were worth it. That’s a 15-year-old girl for you, right? But in reality, I didn’t have any reason not to think that. I didn’t know any solid guys who would live up to my standards as a Christian girl. Fortunately, I had men in my life, like my dad and brothers, who always showed me that solid Christian guys were not as extinct as I thought. Then slowly I started meeting guys who respected girls, and in turn, gained the respect of girls; the ones who can be friends with girls without strings attached; where you don’t have to worry about the awkward drama that some people bring into friendships. Then this summer when I went to the Summit, I realized there are, without a doubt, awesome Christian guys out there! It’s refreshing to know that you have peers with the same standards. What set these guys apart is that they know how to respect girls. They don’t make perverse jokes, there are no string attached to the friendships, and they genuinely respect girls. Once you respect girls, the rest of these things go away because if you respect us, you won’t make perverse jokes and friendships will be insanely important.

If you are a Christian guy and you want a solid Christian girl, you must be the type of person that you are attracted to. I know guys who say they want a girl who is strong in the Lord, one that respects men, and a bunch of other things, but they are not striving toward the Lord, don’t respect girls, and aren’t working at being men of God. Well, that’s not going to work now is it? A girl who was just described is going to have higher standards than that. Think about it.




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23 09 2010

Excellent post. Glad that you had your father and brothers for good examples–I am sure that most don’t have even that.

23 09 2010

I’m at the stage where I’m like “There are no guys out there that are actually REAL Christians!” Well, was before this summer. :)
I’m at the 15-year-old stage (partly because I’m 15 :P) and it is really discouraging to walk around and have your “Christian” guy friends make perverted jokes right in front of you.
It is like they’re yelling at us, “Girls are made for nothing but to be a medal or an ornament to wear to show our social status and make us look cool around the guys.”
I agree with Kelly… if there are any Christian guys out there who aren’t living the way they should, step up your act. Please. Honestly, you could be the reason a girl doesn’t give herself away when dating someone. All it takes is one guy to respect girls and act the way a Christian should and suddenly girls see that there’s hope that there really is that guy out there for them.

Awesome post, Kelly. :)


23 09 2010
Crystal Mazzuca

It’s like the Princes and Frogs song by Superchick – “Some dogs will still be dogs, some frogs will still be frogs, some boys will become men – just don’t kiss us till then!” One of the hardest thing for teenage Christian girls is waiting. Not just waiting to meet “the one,” but waiting for those sill teenage Christian boys to grow up, grow in their faith, and become amazing godly men worthy of a Christian girl’s affection.

I’m glad you’ve been patient. And, oh boy, will it be worth it!

23 09 2010
Lauralea H

SO TRUE! There are great guys out there in the making. They’re probably wondering if a great girl is out there. ;-)
Preach it, Kelly!
This post made my heart stand up and applaud!
Laura :-D

2 10 2010
Love Unawakened


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