Girls are future, boys are now

22 10 2010

“Kelly, girls are future. They think of stuff like what a guy will be like when he’s a husband. Guys just think of what’s going on right now.”

A guy friend of mine said this to me last week, and I was like “Woah, he’s right.” A girls mind can go  from “He’s cute,” to “Would he be a good  husband?” in about 3 second flat! (haha!). We are always thinking ahead to the future. I can almost guarantee every girl has thought about things like how many kids she wants, and what some of their names are going to be. If a girl likes a guy, she isn’t just thinking about how good-looking he is, or how funny he is, she’s thinking about their future together (or if there is one).

I really don’t have any advice for you on this. It’s just a little look into us. =) Hope you are having a good week!




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