Devo #12

25 10 2010

Pride. Ew, I hate pride. Too bad it’s something I struggle with. During volleyball this year, God showed me how prideful I can be, and as crazy as this sounds, I believe God took away my ability to play for part of this season. I went in to volleyball knowing that we weren’t going to be as good as last year, and I knew that I would have to play my best all the time. The problem was, I got cocky, and suddenly  the thing I did best became the hardest thing for me to excel in. My pride was getting in the way of me glorifying God, but when I gave my season to Him and started giving Him the glory for the talent He has given me, He gave me back my ability to play. He kept reminding me of my sin though, and it seemed like whenever my eyes started shifting back to me, and how I was playing, I started playing poorly again.

I wanted this volleyball season to be the best, since it was my senior year, but we struggled. Looking back on the season I’m not mad that we weren’t the best (disappointed, maybe, but not mad). Actually, in a way, I’m glad because He taught me how much pride was in my life and He strengthened me in a time when I could not see Him. Realizing that God had complete control over every area of my life (including how I play volleyball), freaked me out a little bit. It had never hit home how in control He really is.

Pride is an ugly thing. It makes us believe that we can do things on our own. We begin thinking we are something amazing, when in reality we are dirty, broken, human beings who need a God to save us from ourselves. Good thing there is a God to save us!





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