Ouch, that hurt!

6 11 2010

Sometimes the things that hurt us the most are the things that we find so much healing in. Last winter I went sledding with some friends and this is what happened…

Not the best picture of me but it gets the point across (haha!).When we got to the top of the sledding hill I decided to take a running start and jump on my tube head first (laying on my stomach). The hill had gone from fluffy snow, to hard ice and on my way down I hit a grassy spot. My tube stopped but my body kept going and I slid face first on the ice, flipped over, and slid the rest of the way down on my butt. I was in pain for a few days, but after 7 I was completely healed with no scars! YAY!

So what does this have to do with relationships? Relationships hurt us, but relationships can also heal us. The first thing we did after I hurt myself was put a bag of ice on my face to keep the swelling down. It was kind of ironic. Ice was what destroyed my face, but ice was the first thing we used to help it. In the same way, we get hurt by relationships but we can begin to heal because of relationships.

I have had good relationships with others, and I have had bad relationships with others. I have had relationships that hurt and I have had relationships that restore. My point is that even though relationships are sometimes what make our lives hard, they can also be the thing that helps you get through the tough times! Think about the times when you were hurting the most. Where relationships a part of it in any way? If they were, were there any people that helped you through the pain? Then think about the best times in your life. Where relationships a part of it? For me the answer would almost always be “yes” for all three questions.




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