Devo #15

22 11 2010

Recently, I have been struggling with contentment. Well, actually I’ve been struggling with discontentment. It’s hard for me to be content in the stage of life I’m in. I want to move on, go to college, and do what God has planned. I try to take God’s plan into my own hands. I want to do God’s will, while hurrying it along. But while talking to a very wise person in my life, I realized that maybe the lesson is patience. Maybe God is using this stage to teach me, maybe this is exactly where I’m supposed to be, maybe I just need to be content, maybe I need to be willing to learn.

We were made to glorify God in everything we do. That means today. That means every stage of life.  We weren’t made to only look at how we can be used by Him in the future. We need to look at how we can be used by Him in the present. Use every season as a chance to glorify our creator God.

So let’s be content. Let’s use right now to glorify God and bring people closer to Him. Let’s be willing to be patient. Maybe it’s the lesson.





One response

25 11 2010
Jared Elton

I agree! I often thought of high school as preparation for college, and college as preparation for “real life”. But the truth is, real life is now! We don’t need to move on. God can use us exactly where we are right now; He put us here for a reason.

P.S. If you’re still looking at colleges, consider Wheaton College (IL); it’s a great school. It’s not just Christian by title; the professors glorify God within the classes, and students worship Him even while in the dorms. Just sayin’.

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