12 12 2010

Girls are very relational. Now, that’s not an issue until relationships go wrong.

When somebody does something to a girl, her reaction isn’t to figure out how to fix it. Her reaction is usually to go talk about it to her girlfriends. That’s bad. You all have probably seen girls rip people apart because of something that happened. In our defense everybody has this problem, but girls can be malicious about it.Gossiping is never the answer, and it usually makes things worse.

Girls have this problem called cattiness. The words I would use to define catty would be: Gossips, Jealous, Mean, Dramatic…you get the picture.  It’s not a good trait, and I think that all girls have been catty at one point or another. I know I have (unfortunately). Some girls thrive on it though. They look for the next bit of “juicy gossip.” Who’s going out with who, who likes who, who’s saying this about me. It’s dumb, really. There’s no point and it usually doesn’t concern them. A girls mouth is her worst enemy.

Have you ever heard a conversation that went something like this…

Lisa-Oh my word. Did you hear that Seth and that Jenna girl are dating?

Nicole- WHAT!? She doesn’t deserve him! She is such a flirt!

Lisa-Oh I know, and did you hear what she did to Mary? It was horrible. And she’s not even very pretty…

Maybe you haven’t, but being a girl, I hear this type of stuff all the time. It’s hard not to engage. It’s hard not to impute something that you heard at lunch or in class. At the same time, I get tired of hearing this stuff. I sometimes feel like saying “Really? Do we honestly need to talking about this? It has nothing to do with any of you.”

That’s one thing I appreciate about  guy friends. They aren’t like that! Way to go! =D




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12 12 2010
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