31 12 2010

Whether you are in a dating relationship or a friendship, trust is essential in every aspect of life. Think about it. It’s the hardest thing to gain, but the easiest to lose. All it takes is for us to lie once, hide something once, break a promise once, or gossip once, and it’s gone. We can get it back, but it takes hard work and patience.

In a lot of dating relationships, people find it hard to trust their boyfriend/girlfriend. Recently, a friend of mine dealt with this situation. His girlfriend didn’t trust him, she was suspicious, thinking that he was hiding something from her when he wasn’t. He had never given her any reason to think he was being dishonest and yet, she questioned him.

There are times when we don’t trust, and the person has done nothing wrong. Could it be that we don’t trust because we are insecure in ourselves? That we lack self-confidence and assurance, sometimes needing (maybe wanting is a better word) the affirmation of another person (a boyfriend or girlfriend)? We want to hold on to them, but in the process get paranoid about losing them because we need someone to make us feel worth something.

People will mess up, it’s part of humanity. We have to be willing to forgive those who have broken our trust. Remember, we can always trust the Lord! We will never lose Him and we are worth so much to Him! How cool is that?!




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