29 01 2011

I wrote a letter to the editor, although I don’t know if it will get published. Let me know what you think!

As a 17 year old, senior in high school I am disappointed and angered by our society. Our priorities have been confused, and the value of life has been diminished. Something needs to change.

Here’s a recent example. I went to the library to renew my card and was told unless I was 18, a parent/guardian had to sign for me. I hold 2 jobs, have a drivers license and a car, take college classes, etc. but cannot get a library card without parental consent.

But, here’s the double standard. I, as a 17 year old female, am legally permitted to have an abortion WITHOUT my guardians signature but cannot simply renew my library card without it? That is ridiculous!

Society say it is my “choice” as a woman to have an abortion, but I am not mature enough to be responsible for library books? Lives are changed by abortion. In fact, lives are destroyed by it. Why is it that we put more restrictions on a library card then something as serious as killing babies in the womb? We need to open our eyes to the real problems in our world.

I understand the library rules and restrictions, but our society needs to be consistent in it’s standards. People seem more interested in material things, such as library books,  then the lives of the future generations. Think about it. How does this make sense?





2 responses

29 01 2011
Crystal Mazzuca

Fantastic! I pray they take it to heart.

29 01 2011

Looks like I’ll be settling for second in the speech contest…

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