Encouragement for Singles on Vday

14 02 2011

Don’t compare your relationship status with those around you. It’s hard not to look at all the happy couples on this day, but focus on the good things. Last night I had a conversation with a friend and I said “Tomorrow is singles awareness day.” And his response was “I know! And I’m ok with that. It’s so much better not to be in a relationship right now.” He understands that it is good for him not to be dating at the moment and has taken that and made even better friendships.

So, for those of you who don’t have plans today, embrace being single. Use it to build friendships with people. Old and new.




2 responses

14 02 2011

I was in an amazing, phenomenal, life-transcending relationship for two years and over three months.

That ended on December 28.

I’m now stress-free and feel like a new person. Yeah, there’s many memories I miss, but hey, life goes on and it’s time to have some fun and just live!

Nice post.

3 05 2011

I SO agree with Troy…I also feel like I’m now stress free and feel so much happier than I have in a couple of months…even tho our relationship only ended on April 30,1011. Life does go on and i’m excited about what its going to bring! I’m going to college to get my nursing degree and I’m going to enjoy my life!

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