11 03 2011

Love doesn’t come out of desperation, period. -Chad Eastham

For most of us, I would assume, see this quote and think, “Of course it doesn’t!” But if we were to step back and take a look at our own lives, how many times have we so desperately wanted love that we were willing to do anything to get it? Whether it’s a dating relationships or even friendships, we long to connect with people. I can remember being so desperate for friends when I was younger that I became something I never wanted to be. I was desperate. I conformed to what they wanted me to be so that I could have the “love” and “companionship” of a group of girls. I’m glad I didn’t chose a different group of people or I would have really gotten myself into trouble. But now I see that true relationships and true love don’t come out of simply longing and conforming. They come from being the person that God created us to be. Real relationships come from God.

Just because we want something, doesn’t mean it’s good for us and when we search for relationships out of desperation we are simply setting ourselves up for failure. Have you ever noticed the people who date around and constantly have a girlfriend/boyfriend are also the moodiest people you’ve ever met? They are “happy”, that is, until they break up. Then they fall into this deep hole that they don’t think they can get out of until they get into another relationship. This is not healthy! They seek love out of desperation.

We are relational beings and that’s how God created us! But he wants us to have good, healthy relationships that come out of real love for each other; not lust, infatuation, or desperation. In reality, the only way to get our relationships on earth right, is to get our relationship with God right. Even then there will be issues, but with God there is hope!




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