Devo 29

20 05 2011

How do we live for today? What does it look like to live as though today is your last but plan like you have a thousand years left? I’m not altogether sure, but I do know that we, as Christians, can’t live only in the future. We have to plan for it, but we can’t live in it. We have to be willing to pull our attention to the day so that we can be used by God.LIve LIfe Now

One thing I’ve found is that when I am focused only on the future, I can’t live to the fullest right now. The Spirit can’t lead me. I won’t allow it to because I’m not looking for people to love, help, or encourage.

I am a future person and I have this horrible habit of living in it. I focus on college and how much I want to graduate, but in that I miss the time I have left with my family and friends. I miss the opportunities God gives me to love on the people around me. So use TODAY. Allow God to use you and look for ways to be used by Him.





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