15 07 2011

I was out with friends for some half off appetizers at Applebees when the “girlfriend” of one of the guys got brought up.  He claimed that she “wasn’t his girlfriend” and after that comment, the typical “oh yeah, sure she’s not” conversation proceeded. When someone asked when she was coming in to town to visit, I was quick point out that no one brings a girl home without dating her.  I teased him about it a little bit but then his response stopped me. He said “Actually, I really want to know what my family has to say before we start dating.” Stop. Take a note. This rocks!

If your family is even slightly close to each other, they know you better than anybody. They can usually tell right away if she, or in my case he, isn’t good for you. Take their advice and listen to what they have to say!

It’s respectful and shows the character of the guy when he wants to know what the people closest to him have to say. It means he’s not blindly getting into anything based only on emotions; he’s taking it seriously. I feel like that is something a lot of people miss; the aspect of seriousness that dating should have. It should be the time you use to find out whether you are going to marry the person; not just play around with them.

Through the comment that “Steven” made, he gained my respect. I think the way he is handling the relationship is awesome and very encouraging! I also felt bad about teasing him because my thought was “oh, he’s just another guy afraid of commitment and doesn’t know what he thinks about it all.” When the reality was the exact opposite! So, “Steven”, if you read this…Sorry about that! :)



15 06 2011

Here is my summer challenge….

Find a good, solid, guy friend. School’s out, so maybe you aren’t as connected with your peers, but that’s not always a bad thing. In fact, maybe that’s the best thing for you right now! Everybody needs that one person to keep them accountable, help, listen, love, laugh with, tease, cry with, and struggle through life with. You, as a guy, need a guy to be that person.

I have 2 friends who I would consider my “best friends.” One is a guy and one is a girl. I talk to them both about a lot of things! But the relationships are different, not better or worse, just different. The interaction is different, the conversations are different, the way we show each other we care is different. Just as it should be.

You need a guy friend to stand by you just as I need my girl friend to stand by me. It’s good to have friends of both genders, but having a solid friend of the same gender is the best!

Where should you find said friends? Try getting involved in a church youth group! You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll find someone going through exactly what you’re going through! But don’t be surprised if it takes a little bit of work. You have to be a friend to have a friend.


27 02 2011

I recently asked some girls a question on facebook and wanted to share their answers with you! Our world constantly tells us how imperfect and plain we are but you can help change that. Here’s what some girls had to say.

What can guys do to make you feel beautiful and special?

“Standing up for you when another guy says something rude.” -Ivy

“For me, when my brothers and Dad give me a hug it definitely makes me feel loved and beautiful. It totally depends on the girl/love language, but when guys treat girls with brotherly love and respect and aren’t rude or perverted, when they build them up in Christ, ask what they can be praying about, etc.. it makes girls feel special/loved and beautiful in the right way. Its always nice to have someone tell you that you are beautiful, but it is potentially very inappropriate for a guy to go telling all his girl friends that all the time. haha I think this question is also contingent on whether you are talking about a dating relationship or a friendship. Because if you are in a relationship then a guy telling his girlfriend she is beautiful is totally appropriate. :-)” -Aubrey

“Geniunely caring when your struggling and just listening.” -Abby

“Just holding me when I cry-not talking or asking what’s wrong-just holding me and giving me a shoulder to cry on” -Brandi

“Noticing the natural parts of your beauty and saying it is always nice…rather than the comments that could be made about your jewlrey or the clothes your wearing.. sure those things make might make you feel good but I would rather hear about the nature beauty that every girl has :) … the parts that no girl has to try for.” -Stacey

“Being looked at in the eyes when I’m talking. That means the world to me.” Whitney

What do you think about what these girls had to say?

Devo 22

16 02 2011

I believe laughter is the best medicine (Proverbs 17:22). Maybe not for physical wounds, but for emotional wounds or just when having a bad day..absolutely! Tonight, Wednesday, is youth group. My youth group laughs….A LOT! We have fun, we laugh, we tease, we worship, we love. It’s incredible. We are the body of Christ building each other up and encouraging one another.

Here is what I learned  tonight. Laughter is the way to a persons heart. Laughter can be the best way to minister to people. I mean, who doesn’t like to laugh? If you can open people up and get them to laugh, you have made an instant friend. Even simply smiling at someone makes them happy! Have you ever just smiled at someone for no reason? If not try it! The result is them smiling back. It’s almost impossible not to smile at someone smiling. :)
Smile. Laugh. Be joyful. Show people God’s love by being a friend who is fun to be around.


12 03 2010

For those of you who are brothers and you have sisters, pay attention.

I am the only girl in my family. I have two older brothers who I can honestly say are a big part of why I started this blog. They have always treated me like I’m special and wanted while still throwing in some of that tough brotherly love =) They have taught me that I don’t need the attention of guys because I will always have their attention and approval. I don’t think they sat down when they we 11 and said “Okay! We are going to teach Kelly that we want her and think she’s special!” But I do think that my parents did a good job raising them to show me that without knowing they showed me…I hope that just made sense…

I have never felt the pressure of dating because I don’t need it. In my last post I said that its scientifically proven that girls without solid men in their lives, seek approval from guys the most. Well, I have had a dad and brothers to show me that I can (and should) lean on them, not a boyfriend. So this shout out to brothers, is to challenge you to be there for your sister! You have full rights to be protective. She may not act like she likes it, and maybe she doesn’t at times, but there is something comforting about knowing that you could go to your brother and know he would beat the kid up if you needed him to! =P Show her how she deserves to be treated! When you treat her well, it tells her that there are guys who will treat her well, that she doesn’t have to lower her standards, and that you will always be there for her.  Let her know you love her!

Now, I’m not telling you that my brothers are perfect and that you all need to be just like them. That is totally not the case. They are awesome but they are still my brothers, we still have had our share of fights, disagreements, and sibling rivalry (or whatever you want to call it..), but in all of this (which in some cases there has been a lot.) they have still taught me what good relationships are. I think that how you treat your sisters, and even your mom’s, show’s a lot about how you will treat your girlfriend and ultimately how you will treat your wife.

And to my brothers….Thank you for being so awesome and for teaching me so much! I love you guys!