12 12 2010

Girls are very relational. Now, that’s not an issue until relationships go wrong.

When somebody does something to a girl, her reaction isn’t to figure out how to fix it. Her reaction is usually to go talk about it to her girlfriends. That’s bad. You all have probably seen girls rip people apart because of something that happened. In our defense everybody has this problem, but girls can be malicious about it.Gossiping is never the answer, and it usually makes things worse.

Girls have this problem called cattiness. The words I would use to define catty would be: Gossips, Jealous, Mean, Dramatic…you get the picture.  It’s not a good trait, and I think that all girls have been catty at one point or another. I know I have (unfortunately). Some girls thrive on it though. They look for the next bit of “juicy gossip.” Who’s going out with who, who likes who, who’s saying this about me. It’s dumb, really. There’s no point and it usually doesn’t concern them. A girls mouth is her worst enemy.

Have you ever heard a conversation that went something like this…

Lisa-Oh my word. Did you hear that Seth and that Jenna girl are dating?

Nicole- WHAT!? She doesn’t deserve him! She is such a flirt!

Lisa-Oh I know, and did you hear what she did to Mary? It was horrible. And she’s not even very pretty…

Maybe you haven’t, but being a girl, I hear this type of stuff all the time. It’s hard not to engage. It’s hard not to impute something that you heard at lunch or in class. At the same time, I get tired of hearing this stuff. I sometimes feel like saying “Really? Do we honestly need to talking about this? It has nothing to do with any of you.”

That’s one thing I appreciate about  guy friends. They aren’t like that! Way to go! =D


Flirty Girls

2 10 2010

Guys, don’t let us flirt with you. Or at least don’t engage in or encourage it. I have girl friends who flirt with anything male and it drives me crazy! Today for instance, “Jenny,” who is one of the girls that flirts with all the guys, was flirting with “Peter,”  and I could tell that he was thinking more of the situation then she was. Jenny  knew that he liked her, but still continued to flirt with him. She was leading him on, which is totally mean. I honestly felt sorry for the Peter because she does not like him in the same way. She wants the attention and flirting is fun for her because she gets it that way. It’s too bad she’s using him to feel good about herself.

When you sense that a girl is flirting with you and it’s just because she wants the attention, be nice but in the process don’t flirt. We all know how to flirt, and we know when we are doing it, so just don’t flirt back. When you do, it just gives the girl that more of a reason to do it, because her way of getting attention and feeling good about herself is working.

So, don’t let girls win on this one. I know it’s hard because you like the attention just like we do. But when you go along with it, it encourages us to continue to play with your emotions, and that’s just not cool.

Do Girls play games?

1 09 2010

I’m not talking games like Monopoly, Guess Who, or Uno here. I’m talking those relationship games. You know, the ones where she plays Hard To Get or the game where she tries to make you jealous. So, the question is, do they? Unfortunately, the answer  is that a lot of girls do.  Girls, will flirt with your best friend to make you jealous or ask for your brothers phone number to make you mad. The one that confuses me the most though is when you like her, she knows it, and yet she still plays games. I’m like “uhh..Am I missing something?”

It’s pretty pointless really. If somebody has to make someone jealous in order to date them, what’s the point? Who wants to have a relationship with somebody that was built on manipulation? I sure don’t! But the reason girls do it is because, a lot of times, it works. They want the (temporary) satisfaction of having a boyfriend so they do what they can to get one. Most of my girl friends who have played hard to get or made him jealous, have succeeded in their “mission” to get the guy.

Just like every other post, not all girls do this. I don’t, and I know a lot of other girls who don’t! But still, there are those who do. Just don’t react how she wants you to. Please. It’s best for both of you. Plus, you don’t want to be with a girl who’s going to play these games. Do you?

And remember, dial 911 in an emergency, smile often, and always put the toilet seat down :D


Online and texting

28 04 2010

Our world has made it extremely easy to communicate with each other! Facebook, Myspace, texting, e-mail, IM, cell phones…The list is endless! But we have all had those conversations where things were said through technology that wouldn’t have been said face-to-face. I have had this happen a couple of times and it causes drama! People tend to kind of “ignore” it because it wasn’t face-to-face. It was in cyberspace, so it doesn’t feel real, but it was still said! If you wouldn’t say it to their face, don’t say it online/texting/whatever you use…

People tend to use these things a crutch. If you are shy, talking online can be wayyy easier than talking in person. NO! haha don’t do that! Never tell a girl you like her online, never ask her out online, and never break up with her online! These are big no no’s when it comes to relationships. I have a friend who had a guy tell her he liked her on MSN. Haha let’s just say, it didn’t turn out to well, and it pretty much ruined the little bit of friendship they had. It was awkward when they saw each other in person because it’s one of those “it’s said, but yet it’s not because it wasn’t in person..” things.

Just be careful. It’s fun to talk online with your friends, and to text them! Just don’t talk about EVERYTHING! We do need social, face-to-face, interaction with people! That’s when you need to have your deep conversations.

Drama, Drama, Drama, and MORE Drama!

20 12 2009

     We, as teenagers, deal with a lot of drama. Pretty much everyday we encounter some sort of guy/girl drama. Nobody can argue this with me…I mean, maybe you could but you would probably lose :D. Whats the point of drama? To make relationships complicated? To find out if she likes you? To have something to gossip about? Usually it’s to find out if the person likes you so that you can ask her out. But why was the drama created? why not just go talk to her about instead of talking to all your friends about the situation? Or if you don’t want her to know that you like her, then why say anything to anybody anyway? When she finds out and you were not the person who told her, then this awkward its-said-but-not-said thing sets in. 

    I have seen drama ruin friendships over and over again with me and my friends…and it really is a bummer! It is SOOO possible to be friends with people of the opposite sex! And it is possible for those to be good, fun, healthy friendships! I love hanging out with my guy friends! Sometimes I like hanging with them then with my girl friends… But the ones I like hanging out with the most are the ones that I know respect our friendship. The guys who respect ME. The ones who wouldn’t ruin our friendship just because of a crush. If you and a girl are ment to be together and have a relationships that is more than a friendship, then God will put that into place. Before you take that step of more than friends with a girl. Make sure it is something that God would want. In highschool, friendships are way more important than having girlfriend. Don’t ruin those friendships!