The Girls Speak

17 10 2011

This video is a little older, but I haven’t put it up in awhile so I thought I’d give you another chance to check it out!


7 08 2011

Random, stupid, but my friend thinks it’s hilarious. Sadly, I’d have to say, I agree. Although, I’m not sure why!


20 06 2011

In honor of Fathers Day, here is a funny video…

9 06 2011

The ending on this video is the best!

“Is that a Umove?”

16 04 2011


Devo 22

16 02 2011

I believe laughter is the best medicine (Proverbs 17:22). Maybe not for physical wounds, but for emotional wounds or just when having a bad day..absolutely! Tonight, Wednesday, is youth group. My youth group laughs….A LOT! We have fun, we laugh, we tease, we worship, we love. It’s incredible. We are the body of Christ building each other up and encouraging one another.

Here is what I learned ¬†tonight. Laughter is the way to a persons heart. Laughter can be the best way to minister to people. I mean, who doesn’t like to laugh? If you can open people up and get them to laugh, you have made an instant friend. Even simply smiling at someone makes them happy! Have you ever just smiled at someone for no reason? If not try it! The result is them smiling back. It’s almost impossible not to smile at someone smiling. :)
Smile. Laugh. Be joyful. Show people God’s love by being a friend who is fun to be around.

Chap Stick, Chapped Lips, And Things Like Chemistry

11 02 2011

I’m not exactly sure why I think this video is funny. Maybe it’s because if I ever went to somebody and said “Let’s make a music video in a nursing home…” They would just look at me like I had 4 heads and laugh. So here’s a little old school Relient K