The Girl translator

29 08 2011

So, I’m going to start a new thing called “The Girl Translator.” I will try to think of things girls say and tell you what we mean by them. The thing is, sometimes girls try to give you hints because we don’t want to hurt you or make ourselves look bad. With that being said here comes the first one…


You meet a girl in class and hit it off. You have no mutual friends and never run into each other, so the only way to hang out is to be intentional about it. You exchange phone numbers, add each other on facebook, or do whatever it is that you do to communicate, and you message her saying something like “Hey! Want to hang out sometime this week?”


If her response is “Yeah! Sure, that’d be fun.” It means that she might interested in getting to know you as more than just a friend.

If her response is something like, “Sure, let’s get a group together and do something!” It’s translated into, “I really do want to hang out with you and get to know you! But I don’t like you as anything more than a friend so I am going to hang out with you, but only, with other people so I don’t lead you on.”

A lot of girls don’t like being straight up because they don’t want to hurt you. Getting a group together is her way of dropping a hint that she’s not interested without coming across as a jerk.  Giving you hints is our way of trying to get out of saying “I don’t like you as anything more than a friend…” The problem with this is that, for the most part, you guys don’t pick up those hints.

What are something girls say/do that you want to understand? I hope this helped in understanding us a little bit more!


Wait. Trust. Seek Him.

3 04 2011

I think God uses singleness to draw us closer to Him. In the moments where I feel like I need a guy or that I want a relationship, I feel a tug from God where He says “Come back to me. I’ve got what you need.”  I have to re-adjust my thinking and move toward Him again. It’s then that we become more content in our relationship status. Trying to trust that God’s plan is better than our own. And it is better, it’s just hard to see.

This is definitely easier said than done. If you’re single and you go somewhere and all of your friends are dating/married, you want what they have. We almost look at God and go “See that God? I want that. If you could throw some my way THEN I’d be content.” But God wants us to use this time to solidify our relationships with Him. This time can be used to grow and prepare. But remember, no one said it would be fun all the time. Loneliness and longing for someone does come and that’s not bad! It’s what we do with it. Seek the Lord with all of your heart! (Deuteronomy 4:29-31)

Wait for the Lord; Be strong, and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord. (Psalm 27:14)

Pray that God would make you content in your singleness so that He can use you! Waiting on God’s timing is something I struggle with in every aspect of my life. Whether it’s relationships, work, college, etc. I’m always looking ahead to what’s next, when I should be focused on today and how I can glorify God. After all, it’s God who has put me where I am.

Just Wait. Oh how I long to graciously and contentedly wait on the Lord.

Devo #12

25 10 2010

Pride. Ew, I hate pride. Too bad it’s something I struggle with. During volleyball this year, God showed me how prideful I can be, and as crazy as this sounds, I believe God took away my ability to play for part of this season. I went in to volleyball knowing that we weren’t going to be as good as last year, and I knew that I would have to play my best all the time. The problem was, I got cocky, and suddenly  the thing I did best became the hardest thing for me to excel in. My pride was getting in the way of me glorifying God, but when I gave my season to Him and started giving Him the glory for the talent He has given me, He gave me back my ability to play. He kept reminding me of my sin though, and it seemed like whenever my eyes started shifting back to me, and how I was playing, I started playing poorly again.

I wanted this volleyball season to be the best, since it was my senior year, but we struggled. Looking back on the season I’m not mad that we weren’t the best (disappointed, maybe, but not mad). Actually, in a way, I’m glad because He taught me how much pride was in my life and He strengthened me in a time when I could not see Him. Realizing that God had complete control over every area of my life (including how I play volleyball), freaked me out a little bit. It had never hit home how in control He really is.

Pride is an ugly thing. It makes us believe that we can do things on our own. We begin thinking we are something amazing, when in reality we are dirty, broken, human beings who need a God to save us from ourselves. Good thing there is a God to save us!


Girls are future, boys are now

22 10 2010

“Kelly, girls are future. They think of stuff like what a guy will be like when he’s a husband. Guys just think of what’s going on right now.”

A guy friend of mine said this to me last week, and I was like “Woah, he’s right.” A girls mind can go  from “He’s cute,” to “Would he be a good  husband?” in about 3 second flat! (haha!). We are always thinking ahead to the future. I can almost guarantee every girl has thought about things like how many kids she wants, and what some of their names are going to be. If a girl likes a guy, she isn’t just thinking about how good-looking he is, or how funny he is, she’s thinking about their future together (or if there is one).

I really don’t have any advice for you on this. It’s just a little look into us. =) Hope you are having a good week!

I Don’t Get It.

9 10 2010

So what is it that I don’t get? Well, it’s the pants.

Why do guys feel the need to wear their pants past their butt? It confuses me. Nobody cares what you boxers look like and you walk funny when you wear them that way. The one word that, in my mind, describes a guy wearing his pants too low is “Penguin.” Do you realize how awkward you walk when the waist of your jeans is not on your hips?

Whenever I see a guy wearing his pants like this he looks terribly uncomfortable. One time I saw a guy with his girlfriend and he was holding up his pants with one hand, and holding the hand of the girl with the other. When he stopped to grab something he had to let go of the girls hand because he couldn’t let go of his pants. I thought that was pretty funny, but at the same time thinking, “If I was his girlfriend I would have bought him a belt by now…”

Another time, while I was camping with some friends, a guy walked past our site wearing really big baggy pants that were falling off his waist. As he passed us he started running, as he ran his pants dropped to his ankles and he fell flat on his face. I have two things to say about this..

1) Is it worth wearing your pants like that?

2) It was one of the funniest things I have seen! I laughed so hard I was crying!

So, these are just random thoughts on the subject. Haha I just don’t get it, and I don’t see why some of you do it. Tell me why! I want to know! =D

More on Modesty

12 08 2010

A lot of girls wouldn’t consider themselves immodest. While there a lot of girls who know that what they are wearing is showing off too much, there are also a lot of girls who don’t even realize it. You know what our thoughts are? We say to ourselves “Well I’m not as bad as her!” or when we are getting dressed maybe we will subconsciously say “I’ve seen worse…” therefore we call ourselves “modest” whether it’s the truth or not.

I have girl friends that will tell me “I don’t think I’m immodest..” and when you look at them, I say to myself  “Well it’s not THAT bad I’ve seen worse.” But then I realized that we shouldn’t be comparing. What is modest, is modest and after that line, it’s immodest.

Let me also explain to you the extreme amount of work it takes to be modest, ok? Hopefully you will appreciate the girls who strive to be modest after you read this part! haha. When we walk into a store to go shopping and we start looking around we see all of the cute clothes there are. But then we try it on and it’s too tight or too low. Then we think “Bummer! It’s really cute!…But it’s not that bad..” We have to work at not letting ourselves buy into that lie. So then we go out and try to find a shirt to go under it or a shirt that isn’t so tight. I can almost guarantee you that if a girl is trying to dress modestly it takes WAYYY more time to shop for clothes (and if they are like me, they hate that part!).

If at all possible, I would encourage you to thank a girl you know that works hard at being modest. It can get kind of discouraging at times because we don’t think it makes any difference at all. To know that somebody appreciates it and notices it, is really encouraging!

Okay, I’ll stop talking about modesty now :P I think this is post number 3 on it! haha new topic next week!


We are different? What? Nooo. Ok, yes.

19 07 2010

Let me tell you how different you and I are.

-When girls see an attractive guy with his shirt off, we say “Wow, he’s really cute and he’s got nice abs” but then we move on. We might talk about it later with our friends if the subject comes up, but other than that, that’s the end of the thought.

-We can express emotions way easier than you can. According to one survey, the average woman uses 20,000 words a day, while the average man uses about 7,000. Why? Because we tend to be more emotional and we know how to express those emotions. Even when kids are little, the girls start processing emotions and talking sooner than boys.

-Girls tend to be more touchy feely with other girls then guys are with other guys. Don’t let this freak you out! haha If a girl sits on another girls lap, gives hugs all the time, or is just touchy with a certain girl or group of girls, it’s just her way of saying “you’re my friend(s) and I love you.”

-When girls are mad at each other/ don’t like each other, they usually are really mean. They talk behind backs, but yet usually in public act like they are friends. We are caddy. This is where I like how guys handle situations! You just fight it out. Throw a punch and you’re done. You are best friends again. Girls? No. Not going to happen. Girls hold silent grudges against each other. Horrible isn’t it?

-Girls send little hints that you are “supposed to get.” Guys just say it straight up! Way to go!

-Girls have do everything in groups!  If a girl gets left behind and a group of girls leaves to do something, that means they don’t like her. Guys leave each other all the time! It cracks me up because in a group of girls you just don’t do that or somebody’s feelings get hurt!

These are just a few things out of many!  What are some things you can think of? I want to hear your thoughts!

Here is something that will never change and that is the same for both genders…

You confuse me. I confuse you. The end. ;)