The Girls Speak

17 10 2011

This video is a little older, but I haven’t put it up in awhile so I thought I’d give you another chance to check it out!


7 08 2011

Random, stupid, but my friend thinks it’s hilarious. Sadly, I’d have to say, I agree. Although, I’m not sure why!


20 06 2011

In honor of Fathers Day, here is a funny video…

9 06 2011

The ending on this video is the best!

Sexual Healing

1 06 2011

This guy did an awesome job! I love it! He is deep in a very tangible and understandable way.


The ladies have spoken!

2 05 2011

I posted this video a while ago but thought I’d put it up again :)

“Is that a Umove?”

16 04 2011