The Girls Speak

17 10 2011

This video is a little older, but I haven’t put it up in awhile so I thought I’d give you another chance to check it out!



27 02 2011

I recently asked some girls a question on facebook and wanted to share their answers with you! Our world constantly tells us how imperfect and plain we are but you can help change that. Here’s what some girls had to say.

What can guys do to make you feel beautiful and special?

“Standing up for you when another guy says something rude.” -Ivy

“For me, when my brothers and Dad give me a hug it definitely makes me feel loved and beautiful. It totally depends on the girl/love language, but when guys treat girls with brotherly love and respect and aren’t rude or perverted, when they build them up in Christ, ask what they can be praying about, etc.. it makes girls feel special/loved and beautiful in the right way. Its always nice to have someone tell you that you are beautiful, but it is potentially very inappropriate for a guy to go telling all his girl friends that all the time. haha I think this question is also contingent on whether you are talking about a dating relationship or a friendship. Because if you are in a relationship then a guy telling his girlfriend she is beautiful is totally appropriate. :-)” -Aubrey

“Geniunely caring when your struggling and just listening.” -Abby

“Just holding me when I cry-not talking or asking what’s wrong-just holding me and giving me a shoulder to cry on” -Brandi

“Noticing the natural parts of your beauty and saying it is always nice…rather than the comments that could be made about your jewlrey or the clothes your wearing.. sure those things make might make you feel good but I would rather hear about the nature beauty that every girl has :) … the parts that no girl has to try for.” -Stacey

“Being looked at in the eyes when I’m talking. That means the world to me.” Whitney

What do you think about what these girls had to say?

17 02 2011

Check this out! I think this is really cool. A highschool wrestler defaults because he doesn’t think it’s right to go up against a girl. He even gives up a chance at the state title! Woah! He says it’s because he respects her and it goes against his religious views. This guy is hardcore.

Encouragement for Singles on Vday

14 02 2011

Don’t compare your relationship status with those around you. It’s hard not to look at all the happy couples on this day, but focus on the good things. Last night I had a conversation with a friend and I said “Tomorrow is singles awareness day.” And his response was “I know! And I’m ok with that. It’s so much better not to be in a relationship right now.” He understands that it is good for him not to be dating at the moment and has taken that and made even better friendships.

So, for those of you who don’t have plans today, embrace being single. Use it to build friendships with people. Old and new.


29 01 2011

I wrote a letter to the editor, although I don’t know if it will get published. Let me know what you think!

As a 17 year old, senior in high school I am disappointed and angered by our society. Our priorities have been confused, and the value of life has been diminished. Something needs to change.

Here’s a recent example. I went to the library to renew my card and was told unless I was 18, a parent/guardian had to sign for me. I hold 2 jobs, have a drivers license and a car, take college classes, etc. but cannot get a library card without parental consent.

But, here’s the double standard. I, as a 17 year old female, am legally permitted to have an abortion WITHOUT my guardians signature but cannot simply renew my library card without it? That is ridiculous!

Society say it is my “choice” as a woman to have an abortion, but I am not mature enough to be responsible for library books? Lives are changed by abortion. In fact, lives are destroyed by it. Why is it that we put more restrictions on a library card then something as serious as killing babies in the womb? We need to open our eyes to the real problems in our world.

I understand the library rules and restrictions, but our society needs to be consistent in it’s standards. People seem more interested in material things, such as library books,  then the lives of the future generations. Think about it. How does this make sense?



20 01 2011

There are those people who have always told me “God is the only man you’ll ever need.” And while there is complete truth in that statement, God is also the man who created marriage. He gave us a longing for another person to share our lives with. So is it wrong to want a girlfriend/boyfriend? I don’t think so. It’s what we do with that wanting that makes it right or wrong.

Sometimes we run out and start dating to fill a void. That’s when the wanting turns wrong, that’s when we get hurt.

Be patient. It is hard, but it is necessary. Be patient when it’s hard and be consistent in prayer (Romans 12:12). Pray for the person you will marry. Pray that both of you will make good decisions in the relationships you have before and after you meet. Pray that they will make God their number one and you their number two. Pray that they love you enough to wait for you.

The older we get, the harder it is to wait for that person. As high school students (especially seniors), we are starting to reach that point in life where marriage isn’t an outrageously far off event. So waiting on God’s timing becomes harder, but maybe this is a time that God can teach us, mold us, and make us into the people He wants us to be!


12 12 2010

Girls are very relational. Now, that’s not an issue until relationships go wrong.

When somebody does something to a girl, her reaction isn’t to figure out how to fix it. Her reaction is usually to go talk about it to her girlfriends. That’s bad. You all have probably seen girls rip people apart because of something that happened. In our defense everybody has this problem, but girls can be malicious about it.Gossiping is never the answer, and it usually makes things worse.

Girls have this problem called cattiness. The words I would use to define catty would be: Gossips, Jealous, Mean, Dramatic…you get the picture.  It’s not a good trait, and I think that all girls have been catty at one point or another. I know I have (unfortunately). Some girls thrive on it though. They look for the next bit of “juicy gossip.” Who’s going out with who, who likes who, who’s saying this about me. It’s dumb, really. There’s no point and it usually doesn’t concern them. A girls mouth is her worst enemy.

Have you ever heard a conversation that went something like this…

Lisa-Oh my word. Did you hear that Seth and that Jenna girl are dating?

Nicole- WHAT!? She doesn’t deserve him! She is such a flirt!

Lisa-Oh I know, and did you hear what she did to Mary? It was horrible. And she’s not even very pretty…

Maybe you haven’t, but being a girl, I hear this type of stuff all the time. It’s hard not to engage. It’s hard not to impute something that you heard at lunch or in class. At the same time, I get tired of hearing this stuff. I sometimes feel like saying “Really? Do we honestly need to talking about this? It has nothing to do with any of you.”

That’s one thing I appreciate about  guy friends. They aren’t like that! Way to go! =D