Sexual Healing

1 06 2011

This guy did an awesome job! I love it! He is deep in a very tangible and understandable way.



Valentines Day

14 02 2010

Well guys, today is Valentines Day. I am at home, getting ready to eat lunch and then I’m gonna spend the day studying. How about you? Are you worried about what that girl is going to think of that valentine? Or how your girlfriend is going to react to what you have planned for today? I want to challenge you to take this day and think about what the word love actually means. I googled it’s meaning (I’m lame I know), and here’s what I got; a strong positive emotion of regard and affection. According to this, love isn’t necessarily just romance. I mean, I have a strong positive emotions toward quite a few people. For example, my brothers, my parents, my close friends, all these people I have strong feelings for but not in a romantic way. Show people you love them and care about them! = )

Today in church my youth pastor talked about what love is. His main point was that love is unselfish and self-sacrificing. Love, is doing what is best for another person despite what you want. So guys, if what you want to do this V-Day is going to hurt somebody, think about it first. Is it really love? If getting a hotel room is your plan then you don’t love her. Love isn’t having sex with her right now. That’s selfish. You may say “But oh, you don’t understand! We are in love!”  No, you’re not. Not if this is your choice. Sex outside of marriage is emotionally painful for both of you and doesn’t help anybody. True love is sacrificing your wants, to their needs. If you really care about her, you will resist your sexual desires in order to keep from hurting her.

If you are celebrating Happy Singles Awareness day instead of Valentines Day, then find some way to show the people around you that you care about them. Like I said earlier, love isn’t just romance.

Show people you love them by keeping their best interests in mind, and unselfishly caring for them.