Devo 21

7 02 2011
Joy doesn’t mean
Only Happiness. It means having a
Yearning for Jesus and living for HIM

Sometimes I think we confuse being happy, with true joy. True joy is hard to come by. We must fight for it. And the essence of joy is found in God’s arms.

“Therefore there is no more important struggle in the universe than the struggle to see and savor Christ above all things-The struggle for joy.” – John Piper

“God Himself is the ultimate object of our enjoyment” – John Piper

Joy comes when God is in the center of our world. When we strive for Him. Even when times get hard, we know that He loves us, He is there to give us strength!

God, I pray that we will go all in for you! That we will experience true joy through you!


I Just Want to Yearn for You, O Lord!

9 01 2011

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